Prior to working with Judy Felch at Health Pro’s, my workouts consisted of cardio only and while training for a 10k I had a couple of “injuries”. I knew that I needed to incorporate strength training into my workouts, but I didn’t know where to start. I was intimidated by the thought of going to my gym and working out with 20-somethings!

Judy has been awesome! She spent time listening to my goals and knowing what my current fitness level was and then she designed strength training that fit my schedule and most importantly my individual goals. In 8 weeks of training I feel much stronger and I think I look at little better too (think sleeveless shirts!). I’ve been able to continue my biking and running while incorporating the strength training into my routine. The facilities and equipment are great and the environment is not intimidating at all. I would highly recommend Health Pro’s and Judy Felch as a personal trainer.
— Janet L. (50+)
I have worked out at various health clubs in Fargo since my early 30’s. I am now 63 and in recent years, various aches and pains that come with age caused me to gradually change my routine. I was feeling stuck and frustrated and needed help coming up with a new routine that would challenge me without aggravating trouble areas. After looking at several workout facilities, I found Judy at Health Pros and was so pleased to find someone who understands my situation. She has put together exercises that challenge my body without hurting it. She is also working on a program that I can use when I am away for the winter. Judy has been very flexible with scheduling sessions and makes the sessions fun.
— Diane H.
I was referred to Judy by my chiropractor in 2011. Due to chronic back problems, I was hesitant to go to a trainer. From the very beginning, Judy was very cognizant of my limitations. She is always ready with a modification, to avoid any injury. Judy is always upbeat and supportive. I would refer Judy to anyone who is looking for a compassionate, caring person, who will motivate you to be the best you can be.
— Ronda M. (50+)
I was inspired to begin taking my health into my own hands after seeing my parents go through troubles with their health. I myself have scoliosis and suffer from pain in my lower back. A friend of mine referred me to Judy and I must say it has made a world of a difference! Not only am I physically stronger, the pain in my back has minimized significantly. As a personal trainer Judy does a great job of keeping me motivated and also holding me accountable. I know that without her I would not see nearly the level of results that I have been able to achieve with her guidance.
— Kristine H. (20+)
Judy Felch as my personal trainer is wonderful! Her attention to my specific workout needs is spot on. She is warm and inviting, yet challenges me to do more at each visit. A Judy workout is fun, yet invigorating, exciting yet demanding, hard yet rewarding. I would strongly recommend Judy Felch and the Health Pros facility for your next workout.
— Linda E. (60+)
I have really enjoyed yoga by Judy. My flexibility has improved greatly along with my balance and I feel so refreshed and ‘stress free’ by the end of the session. I HIGHLY recommend this class to anyone. In the summer, weather permitting, we do yoga outside which is a very relaxing, awesome environment! I love yoga by Judy!
— Brenda S. (40+)
I have been working out with Judy for the past 6 months and have seen a big improvement in my muscle tone and core strength. She gradually increases the intensity of the workout and stops or modifies the exercise if I feel pressure or strain anywhere in the body, especially the back. I think that she always gives me age appropriate exercises. She has a very friendly personality and makes exercising challenging and fun. I strongly recommend her as a personal trainer.
— Swati S. (50+)
I really enjoy Judy’s yoga class because I can do what works for me. I don’t have pressure to do every stretching position. Yoga has helped me manage my back pain do to a herniated disc, and keeps me fully active. I love Judy’s yoga class, its also very relaxing and fun.
— Marie T. (50+)
Judy is an incredible trainer. Not only does she customize each workout to meet the needs of my body, she is constantly changing the routine to keep my muscles guessing. This keeps me motivated and never bored. She also pushes me hard to ensure I get the best possible workout every time.
— Amy H. (30+)
I came to Judy as a recommendation from a friend after I had a prolonged recovery from 2 hip surgeries. I had developed atrophy in my leg from lack of use for 8 months, plus I was so deconditioned from inactivity for so long, that I needed help to build back muscle in my leg, and build up my stamina. I also had poor balance. Judy developed a plan for me to do just that. She is easy to work with, knew exactly what I needed. We worked together twice a week at Health Pros, plus she would write down what I needed to be doing at home to build me back up. I’m happy to say that after 2 months, I have stronger muscles in my leg, better balance and am building up my stamina once again. Next we will be working on weight loss, from the inactivity. I love going to Health Pros as it is quiet, limited number of people there, a machine is always available and the trainers are so easy to be with. I highly recommend Judy and Health Pros as a personal trainer, and a place to work out at!
— Deb O. (50+)
My partner, Nate, and I have been going to Judy Felch for over a year now. She is a great well-rounded trainer. She is attentive to your goals whether you want a simple workout for a healthier lifestyle, or if you want to build muscle and strength. She is great at tailoring your workouts to your needs and wants. She isn’t there just to get you through your work out. She is great at focusing on what you really want. She specializes in alternate workouts, which is helpful for people with certain joint or pain issues. If a certain workout bothers you, she is great at accommodating to your needs so you can work out to the best of your ability, but safely. I highly recommend her to anyone of any age. You can see pictures of Nate and I before and after below. What a difference Judy has made for us.
— Courtney L. (20+)
A friend and I began strength training with Judy almost 2 months ago. I’m in my mid 50s, have been quite active in the past, but I struggle with back/shoulder pain due to a part time desk job and fibromyalgia. My goal is to build my core and strengthen my back so I don’t hurt when I hold my beautiful grandchildren!

Judy has been excellent! She is very conscientious about personalizing my workouts so I’m challenged, but not straining my back/neck. If I’m not able to do an exercise because of pain, she modifies it or changes it completely so I work that muscle group pain free. As early as my second workout, I felt much stronger. I’m progressing faster than I thought and look forward to each workout.

The location is very convenient and the facility is clean with nice amenities. I recommend Judy to my friends, to those afraid of working out due to health issues, and those who may have gotten out of shape and want to improve their health.
— LeAnn T. (50+)
Judy is great for personalizing your workout. She keeps in mind if you have issues with any part of your body, but still makes you work hard. I always feel so good after I’ve worked out with her. I would recommend her as a personal trainer to anyone - young or old!
— Katie T. (50+)
I knew I needed to do start being more diligent about exercising if i wanted to enjoy those ‘golden years!’ Judy understands the issues I have with my knees, hips, neck and modifies exercises so I’m strengthening those areas without causing more pain. My knees no longer hurt and i can run up the stairs without being winded! Thanks Judy!
— Jane O. (50+)
I can’t recommend Judy highly enough. She has helped me become stronger, better informed, and is helping me reach my weight loss goals. 45 lbs lost, and 30 more to go! Thank you Judy.
— Lori F. (50+)
I set appointments for dentists, doctors, hair cuts, car repairs and more, but never for exercise. That is, until I met Judy! She sets up my deadline and helps me take better care of myself. At my age, it is critical for me is to maintain bone density and muscle mass! I lost weight and toned my body. Judy is the best trainer I have ever worked with, she makes it fun and doesn’t let me skip out on my workouts. I have never felt better!
— Shannon C. (60+)
I was referred to Judy’s yoga class this past summer from a good friend of mine and very happy with the results. I had done yoga in the past but it had been quite a few years ago and had forgotten how much I enjoy it how beneficial it is. The positions and moves are explained very well by Judy and very easy to learn. If there are positions that you are unable to perform she makes sure there is an alternative available. The small classes are fun and I have gotten to meet a lot of great people.

I have noticed my neck and shoulders feel so much better since I have been taking Judy’s classes. I sit at a desk and work on the computer all day and have learned new stretches that are very beneficial to me. I no longer have tight, cramped up, stiff and sore shoulders and neck. I have also noticed by mid and lower back does not ache as much and is less stiff in the mornings. My core has gotten much stronger as well.
— Pam H. (40+)